Click to visit my WEB STORE! Remember, even though this is "online" it's not real-it's just a catalog of what I have (usually) at my home/studio/gallery.  In other words, feel free to call me on the phone or offer to mail me a personal check or ask if you can stop by to visit... all of those things that people used to do before the internet! There are usually more details I can share, or questions I can answer if you give me a call.
     My whole business is just me (with some help from my wife and family), so I don't do everything quickly enough sometimes-or I just forget some things completely. I LOVE creating art, and I really enjoy sharing it with others (and sometimes selling it to others, too...), but the whole computer part of it drives me crazy sometimes. So I'm basically apologizing in advance if you buy something from my web store and you don't have the same shopping experience of a big internet company... Hey, but you'll get really good art that I make myself-that much I can promise!