Saturday, March 27, 2010

Steven Kozar's Vlog Mar. 27 2010

Here's my newest paintings in progress!


  1. the next video should be of you playing ping-pong down there...but this time you lose. I will have my vengeance!

  2. Ha!! I will not be mocked by disgruntled opponents who cannot score very many points against me in their pathetic attempt to combat my athletic prowess!

  3. You should explore demonstrating your craft on public television. I can see a weekly show of you painting and discussing techniques . . . you're pretty comfortable in front of that webcam.
    I have something I need to return to you. I will get that done soon.

  4. So fun to see you Steve and reconnect! Now that I know you are a pingpong player...maybe I can get my husband over there sometime as he is really into it...has been since the 80's! So there would be a good match.
    You inspire me Steve...I would love to get to your workshop but not sure I can again...summer is my busy season as well...but I keep thinking of trying!!! Keep up the good work!